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  • Instinctive Awakening
    About:The "incompetent" hero occasionally gets pure Yang energy given by mountain spir...
    170128 Heat
  • Subordination
    About:Juzi Yu and Yin Qian met in a VIP Club. One night later, Juzi Yu was deeply attr...
    183953 Heat
  • Kiss me, liar
    About:I will never sleep with a man, and Yanyu is very self-conscious...
    29366143 Heat
  • Warm / Warm Embrace Me
    About:Ma Tang has not felt the warmth since he was born. But when I met Li Wen, I neve...
    159789 Heat
  • Methods To Seduce Alpha
    About:Yin Yuying, the youngest son of a rich family, is extremely perfect in terms of ...
    4050177 Heat
  • Bardo Palace
    About:Even death, even rebirth You can't leave me. Unable to accept this paranoid empe...
    1276044 Heat
  • Gold Agent's Secret (season I + II) / Half Blood Clan
    About:A gold agent who has worked for 5 years. He has a secret that he is half a vampi...
    180388 Heat
  • I Ran Away After The God Asked For Marriage
    About:The boy friend, who was always gentle and tender, ran away? For Yi'an, who has a...
    608367 Heat
  • Wild painting collection / secret opera painting
    About:This is a story about a rogue and abnormal fan who tied his wife back home to pa...
    776763 Heat
  • Addicted To The President
    About:Wu Dehai, who usually works as a otaku, has been suffering a lot recently. It is...
    1186946 Heat
  • Beautiful Sister
    About:"My dry sister" is also known as "beautiful dry sister". What changes will happe...
    173916 Heat
  • My Xiuhe / Secret Officer
    About:Enjoy the day is a capable secretary, night is a capable man Xiu he. After work ...
    290898 Heat
  • Love song in ghost's dream / nightmare of night terrors
    About:Zhao Shengcai as like as two peas in the dark, he will be in the same place as h...
    114590 Heat
  • I'll Give You Blood
    About:Emperor Wu is a monster "bat" who eats blood. Knowing the secret of Emperor Wu, ...
    192961 Heat
  • On or off
    About:An Yiying, an employee of the game software company, went to SJ group as a repre...
    154999 Heat
  • I Was Attacked By Cute Feicho
    About:He felt that he was particularly unlucky. Even if the psychic constitution can s...
    195542 Heat
  • Love Beat
    About:Daoxing met Zhiyuan, who had been in single love for a long time in his universi...
    78039 Heat
  • I was attacked by cute fat
    About:He felt that he was particularly unlucky. Even if the psychic constitution can s...
    88086 Heat
  • Plant effect / Mr. Yu Shu
    About:What is the connection between a plant from the mysterious outer space, an isola...
    77749 Heat
  • Love Is Fantasy / A Xing's Comedy
    About:This is a dream world, which tells about a couple of lovers who have great diffe...
    220048 Heat
  • The Wolf Howls Under The Moon
    About:Yuner is very concerned about the human being en Yu who is treated in the pet ho...
    159759 Heat
  • A Collection Of Wild Paintings
    About:This is a story about a rogue and abnormal fan who tied his wife back home to pa...
    138052 Heat
  • Taoyun Village Doctor
    About:A serious illness led to the failure of the college entrance examination. The sk...
    90133 Heat
  • Gentle Schoolgirl
    About:The man who was humiliated by the unruly rich women got the help of the elves, g...
    44941 Heat
  • Screening Times / BJ Alex / My Anchor Boyfriend / Dongbo
    About:Late in the night, a popular male anchor with a mask started his live broadcast,...
    243731 Heat
  • Shame App / Shame App (season I + II)
    About:Mom said it. You can't download apps at will. My app always sends me a lot of or...
    163431 Heat
  • Secretary
    About:During the day, I am the director's secretary, at night I am the director's man...
    135625 Heat
  • Aunt's Secret Affair
    About:My aunt who took the place of my mother to raise me was young and beautiful, but...
    142669 Heat
  • Different / special
    About:Meihe lived like an alien from birth. Xiao Hua, a half brother under the age of ...
    145862 Heat
  • Love Saint Potion
    About:The man who is humiliated by his mean girlfriend gets the help of the spirit, ge...
    38179 Heat
  • Despicable Punishment
    About:A rich second generation and ordinary children have been good friends since chil...
    120385 Heat
  • Get Out Of The Cage
    About:Originally, they were two good friends. Because of the jealousy of one of them, ...
    50867 Heat
  • Become A Princess One Day
    About:"One day be a princess" is an online cartoon series by the author: spin Plutus. ...
    71644 Heat
  • Lord, I Will Lose Weight
    About:When she woke up, Han Fei, a descendant of a family of traditional Chinese medic...
    114600 Heat
  • Tribute
    About:Li Yinyou, a Yin man born in a small country, was always despised, so he was ded...
    157063 Heat
  • Accidental Cohabitation
    About:Just crouching in the dark, Junyu's life "accidentally" broke into Wu Yan, his w...
    110453 Heat
  • Evergreen
    About:Harold from other dimensions and Shuzhen, a florist in the Republic of Korea in ...
    109341 Heat
  • Sit Down. Wait, Kiss
    About:The man accidentally picked up a little black dog home, and when he went out to ...
    174893 Heat
  • Different Magicians / Fantasy Magicians
    About:A wizard who can only live magic, accidentally lifted the seal of the mountain i...
    57486 Heat
  • Infectious Diseases / Radio Storm
    About:This is a war prone world, and I stay in a rare pure land in this world, because...
    517490 Heat
  • The Best Doctor In The City
    About:Lu Ning, a descendant of the immortal doctor, can practice truth and cure diseas...
    263456 Heat
  • Friends, Girlfriends
    About:In order to make my dream come true, his best friend and his girlfriend started ...
    56624 Heat
  • Sharing With Husband
    About:Originally a prodigal son, he lived in the mansion after meeting his wife and be...
    37719 Heat
  • Composite Body / Body Complex
    About:Because I like piano, I am willing to do anything. All of a sudden, there is an ...
    153232 Heat
  • The Scent Of Wolf / Blood Ties / Seductive Night
    About:The vampire student attacks x first is the werewolf later becomes the vampire's ...
    262508 Heat
  • School Flower Poetry
    About:It tells about the love between the man and the goddess Cui Shiyan...
    53732 Heat
  • New Housewives
    About:After three months of marriage, I became an unqualified housewife...
    35735 Heat
  • Working Girl
    About:A seemingly harmless college work student is actually a scheming woman. Remind e...
    37813 Heat
  • The Ex Husband Of The President Asks To Be Let Go
    About:Ye Liangyu was banned from working in the media department. When he met Fu Linxi...
    59081 Heat
  • The Temptation Of My Sister
    About:When she went to the countryside to find her grandmother, she met her cousin whe...
    57099 Heat
  • Take Your Woman
    About:There is a wonderful pleasure in seizing someone else's girlfriend....
    45971 Heat
  • He's Here. Please Close Your Eyes
    About:The story of Bo Jin Yan, a famous criminal psychologist in the world, and his lo...
    113331 Heat
  • The Taste Of A Ripe Girl
    About:My nickname is "Jiatong Eagle", and my specialty is that foreplay alone can make...
    26764 Heat
  • Repeat Students / Back To School (season I + II)
    About:An unpopular senior three repeater is always called "brother, brother" by the mo...
    94598 Heat
  • Black Flame BADGE / Dead Door
    About:An unexpected blood sacrifice makes the ordinary police officer, inexplicably, t...
    177185 Heat
  • Mysterious Woman
    About:How can an ordinary company employee hold a stewardess girlfriend and a goddess ...
    75787 Heat
  • Eclipse / Thief
    About:As long as you give money, everything is OK! Lai, who lives by stealing, has rec...
    122409 Heat
  • Special Training For Beginners
    About:A new college student was infatuated with school flowers, but their world didn't...
    44158 Heat
  • Smart Building
    About:One day, a couple moved to the smart apartment. The quiet and peaceful atmospher...
    49558 Heat
  • All The Beasts Are Damned
    About:In order to investigate the cause of her sister's death, Keeling approached Jian...
    202144 Heat