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  • Borderline Ambiguity
    About:Is the young mother's teasing? It's hard for me to resist. When I go out, I'm of...
    173024 Heat
  • Don't Marry The President, Marry The Man
    About:A plan carefully planned by her sister has ruined her reputation; her fiance is ...
    43830 Heat
  • The Most Prosperous Marriage In A Rich Family
    About:The newly married wife is a thief and loves to spend money. "I want to buy a lux...
    28721 Heat
  • Get In Touch With The Chief Executive
    About:Weekly update... Night failed, the bold woman actually secretly left, even brand...
    52524 Heat
  • Wang Jue's Private Treasure
    About:There was a woman lying on his bed, "this little wild cat is hot enough..." She ...
    40154 Heat
  • Finger Dye Marriage
    About:If you don't agree with me, I'll take someone else's belt?! This woman, as expec...
    17088 Heat
  • The Strong Return Of The Reborn Giants
    About:His father disappeared at the age of 3, his tendon was broken at the age of 15, ...
    90597 Heat
  • Best Adult's Little Heart
    About:In the hustle and bustle of the crowd, in a hurry in the footsteps, I heard a vo...
    44015 Heat
  • Lady's Gift
    About:However, the young wage earners are regarded as "successful and superior" by the...
    140332 Heat
  • Fraudulent Transactions
    About:The female owner who escaped from the complex reorganization family and returned...
    58081 Heat
  • The Only Heir
    About:The writer qiantaishan left a huge fortune after his death. His children tried t...
    95971 Heat
  • Mysterious Package
    About:A mysterious package, disturbed my peaceful life. And inside the package, it was...
    97466 Heat
  • A Stranger In Marriage
    About:A night of wrong charming and lingering, let him eat marrow understanding, never...
    144263 Heat
  • Mr. On Call
    About:The handsome boy wanders among all kinds of young ladies and rich women......
    89087 Heat
  • President's Wife
    About:Infatuated, she mistakenly points to the handsome him. When the alcohol encounte...
    148073 Heat
  • The President Is A Bit Disabled
    About:One night, Fang Yi was destroyed in a high-class villa, and the person who destr...
    154185 Heat
  • The Contract Lover Of The President
    About:Why does the orphan girl with rough life get the favor of the president? What is...
    170890 Heat
  • A Small Enemy Of A Powerful Family
    About:A Small Enemy Of A Powerful FamilyBy the authorRalap FowlerCreativeKorean Comics, Welcome to our website to readA Small Enemy Of A Powerful Family...
    45980 Heat
  • Son In Law Of Zheng
    About:After my 14-year-old girlfriend got pregnant, I became their son-in-law and live...
    76086 Heat
  • Rich Concubine
    About:Once a daughter of gold, but now reduced to a doll, he tried to torture her, jus...
    247720 Heat
  • Brother Boss, You Deserve To Be Beaten
    About:In order to help her best friend, the woman pretended to be a junior and a forma...
    415157 Heat
  • Overbearing President Circle Love
    About:Zhou Xiaonan has always loved her boyfriend to get married. The bride is not her...
    206422 Heat
  • Ace Cowboy
    About:My mother owes usury, but she has no choice but to become a cowherd. Unexpectedl...
    97811 Heat
  • Marriage Contractor
    About:airline stewardess? nurse? That's all my ex wives...
    70322 Heat
  • Live-in Son-in-law
    About:After my 14-year-old girlfriend's unexpected pregnancy, I became their son-in-la...
    91959 Heat
  • The Heritage Of Mount Tai
    About:The writer qiantaishan left a huge fortune after his death. His children tried t...
    133802 Heat
  • Fresh Meat
    About:The half blood illegitimate son finally came of age. His father gave him a speci...
    87288 Heat
  • This Beast Is A Bit Cute
    About:How can the Taotie be formed! She should cry and laugh when she died of fat in t...
    125129 Heat